Company Resource Utilization
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Focus on Employee Health


A company, in order to be profitable and healthy, must rely on it’s total resource inventory.  That includes physical, intellectual as well as people assets.  Utilizing the available assets and recognizing their value is something many companies overlook.  It is not just the brick and mortar, the current revenue stream; it is the future growth potential that must depend on a solid and healthy foundation of current resources in order to determine future resource needs.


How many companies pay for health insurance for their employees; either in whole or in part? 

The rates you pay are determined by the experiential history of sickness of your employees and the group to which you are assigned.  Many larger companies are basically ‘self-insured’ and use an insurance company to simply administer the health insurance program.  For many companies this is the single biggest employee expense after payroll.  Do you evaluate your health insurance program for efficiency and ways to control and reduce premium expenses?  There are many ways to save money:


         Are your employees healthy?

         Does your ‘sick time’ policy restrict office access to the sick employees with a cold, flu or other contagious ailment?

         Do you offer ‘work from home’ options to sick but still capable employees to reduce lost productivity and wages?

         Do you provide a ‘Wellness Program’ to encourage employees to be healthy?

         Do you offer health & wellness seminars; like lunch and learns?


Healthy employees are more productive, active and inventive.  They can and usually do outperform others who are less healthy.


         How many of your employees are diabetic?

         How many of your employees take prescription drugs for lifestyle diseases?  These include blood pressure, diabetic insulin and more.

         How may employees are over optimum weight and possibly obese?

         How many suffer from cardiovascular disease and are subject to heart attacks?

         How many suffer from cancer or the after-effects of cancer treatment?


All these ailments are, for the most part, preventable and reversible with a proper lifestyle approach.


An employee Health & Wellness Program can help the company be more productive, more competitive and more energetic in the marketplace of competition when employees are healthy, happy and energetic! 


Let us help you develop a Company Health & Wellness Program!