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HJS Enterprises will help improve productivity and enhance profits. Business analysis services performed by an independent and professional business consultant can be a key activity to identify a company's problems and the steps necessary to implement a set of solutions.  Many companies and senior management of organizations, recognize that a  trained and experienced 'outsider' often will find new issues and answers that may be obfuscated by the traditional organization and daily business activities.  The added focus on these business issues based on many similar experiences in other (often non-related) businesses provides insightful experience in how other organizations have solved similar business problems.


Our CRMR business analysis service is geared toward clients with a need to determine the value of the Organization, business process or project.  We review the operational effectiveness of the Computer and Information Management Resources at the organization.  The major components of the Information Technology (IT) organization and how they relate to the overall organization and management structure of the company are analyzed.  With a view of cost effective return on investment (ROI), the total picture of how the IT organization contributes to the profitability and cost effective use of business resources.  Effectiveness of staff and policies and procedures as well as Internal Controls and methodologies in use are evaluated.

Distinct Types of Assessments:


General CRMR Evaluation

Current State of Resource Utilization:

-Business Relationships

-Initiatives and Planning

-Employee Health & Wellness

-Risk Profile


Electronic Transaction Integration

-Supply Chain


-Order to Cash

-Banking - AP/AR


New Application System Development vs. Package Evaluation and Selection


-Analysis and review of business requirements;

-Analysis and review of Return on Investment (ROI)  analysis, decisions and projections;

-Review and/or development of application system    requirements;

-Analysis of user departmental needs;

-Evaluation of suitable commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications systems that meet the business requirements;

-Analysis of COTS vs. development of proposed       business application system;

-Evaluation and analysis of the RIO on the resulting  business system.


Company Health Costs & Insurance - Analysis of Employee Health Programs and Productivity


-Sick Time & Productivity Loss Prevention

-Insurance Group Assessment;

-Wellness Programs;

-Overall Employee Health Costs.


Work-flow Assessments Utilizing Our Processes, an analysis of the work-flow of a particular business process is completed and detailed reports are prepared that include:

-A graph of the work-flow process detailing each step and decision point;

-A description of each participant role and the functions performed at each step;

-Commentary suggesting improvements and/or enhancements to the process and opportunities where technology may bring greater efficiencies.